Libya: ANHRI Urges Release Of Detained Reporters

Arabic Network for Human Rights Information

Cairo — The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) urges the Libyan authorities to release reporters detained by armed groups in the Libyan capital of Tripoli.

The Iranian channel “Press TV” announced that armed men have detained two British reporters working for it, and are currently held in Tripoli. On its website, Press TV also said that Nicolas Davis, correspondent, Gareth Montgomery Johnson, cameraman, and two locals have been detained since 8 February 2012 by armed battalions in the coastal town of Misurata. Thus far, no reasons for the detentions are known. Contact with the detainees have been lost since 21 February.

“The Libyan Transitional Council has to bear responsibility in securing and protecting local or foreign reporters. It has to immediately intervene to release the detained reporters” said ANHRI.

“Few days following the first anniversary of the Libyan revolution, the authorities has an opportunity to prove its respect to human rights and freedom of opinion and expression in its peaceful form” added ANHRI.

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