Was Human Rights Watch’s Visit To Saif An Intelligence Gathering Exercise?

Editor’s Note:
Was Human Rights Watch’s Visit To Saif An Intelligence Gathering Exercise?

Yes it was.

HRW are part of the globalist network of bogus human rights organizations that serve imperialist interests exclusively.

The same can be said of Amnesty International.
Hillary Clinton Aid At The Helm Of Amnesty International U.S.A.

Please see the following post and discussions. See Fred Abraham’s connections and hear him shill for the globalist war against Libya:
Soros Backed HRW Ask That Saif Have Access To A Lawyer

And in the discussions here:
Countering The Propaganda That Saif Is Safe, Exonerated From Crimes And Being Taken Out Of The Country For Medical Treatment

It is evident that HRW is not excerting any pressure on the terrorist regime to ensure Saif actually receives a lawyer of his choosing or pemits an international team of lawyers access to ensure we have proof of life and if alive, evidence his wounds have been treated and that he is not being tortured.

We Demand Proof That Saif Al Islam Gaddafi And Abdullah Al Senussi Are Alive And That They Have Immediate Access To The Legal Counsel Of Their Choice

Neither do they address the atrocities taking place in Libyan prisons where tribal Libyans are being slowly tortured to death while they await a mock trial, without legal representation, where the certain sentence is execution.

NATO-NTC Mercenaries Admit Saif Will Not Receive A Fair Trial!
New Libya Trials Begin As Innocent Tribesmen Are Sentenced To Death!
The Hopless Situation Facing Libya’s Political Prisoners And Why They Need Your Support

Our next plan of action is to target the entire mock trial operation and I hope we can count on reader support for this campaign.

Alexandra Valiente
Viva Libya!

curtis doebbler@cdoebbler12h
#Libya: Was Human Right Watch to Saif al-Islam as US government intelligence gathering exercise?
10:36 AM – 8 Jan 12via web

curtis doebbler@cdoebbler12h
#Libya: Human Right Watch discussed visit to Saif al-Islam with US government that is behind power denying fair trial.
10:33 AM – 8 Jan 12via web

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