Funeral In Majer Following NATO Massacre

Funeral in Majer after NATO’s Killing spree on Refugees from Misrata hiding in Farms
SOURCE: WolkenZwemmer

Send protest emails to NATO via nato(DOT)int/cps/en/natolive/contact.htm and inform me of all emails you can get of those bombing these people in Libya. Let NATO get a face!

There is an English interview starting from 8’45” about this massacre. The person interviewed talks about these families that were killed. They were mainly refugees who fled the war-torn city of Misrata and they were given shelter in these farms that NATO ruthlessly bombed.

The cruelest thing is that they did it in two rounds – first a number of people were killed and as soon as others came in to help them get to a hospital a second wave of bombing killed many of those helping.

This two-wave tactic was used on Dresden as well – first they just flew by to let the people in Germany get out of their shelters and then they returned to kill them all.

Before you know it they will drop a nuclear bomb on Tripoli.

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