Death Toll From NATO Air Strikes

Editor’s Note:
Please compare these statistics with the ones given here:
Current Statistics Of Civilian Victims Of Nato Bombardments On Libya (3/19/11)

Of course no mention is made of rebel atrocities, depleted uranium poisoning and reports of NATO’s use of white phosphorus. Power to all and any efforts to bring NATO and the leaders of its member nations to justice! ~Alexandra

Libyan Prosecutor: NATO Air Strikes Have Killed 1,100, Wounded 4,500

Paul Shemm
Associated Press

TRIPOLI — Libya’s prosecutor says more than 1,100 Libyans have been killed and 4,500 wounded since NATO’s campaign of airstrikes began on March 19.

Mohammed Zikri al-Mahjoubi said Wednesday that he will charge NATO’s chief in a Libyan court with genocide over the air campaign. He outlined 10 charges against Anders Fogh Rasmussen, including killing and wounding civilians, destroying public buildings and attempted murder of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

Tripoli to prosecute NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen for “war crimes.”
Press TV

Libya’s prosecutor general has said that NATO airstrikes have killed more than 1,100 civilians and injured thousands of others since the end of March.

Mohamed Zekri Mahjubi told foreign journalists in Tripoli on Wednesday that he intends to prosecute NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen in Libyan courts for “war crimes.”

“As NATO secretary general, Rasmussen is responsible for the actions of this organization which has attacked an unarmed people, killing 1,108 civilians and wounding 4,537 others in bombardment of Tripoli and other cities and villages,” Mahjubi was quoted by AFP as saying.

The prosecutor general pressed other charges against Rasmussen, saying the NATO chief sought to murder Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi.

Mahjubi also accused Rasmussen of “deliberate aggression against innocent civilians, the murder of children as well as trying to overthrow the Libyan regime.”

The Libyan official said the NATO chief seeks to change the regime in Libya and establish a new government under his control with the aim of exploiting the country’s oil.

NATO has carried out hundreds of air attacks over Libya with the claimed aim of protecting civilians against Gaddafi forces.

The NATO chief met representatives of the Libyan opposition-backed Transitional National Council in Brussels on Wednesday to discuss the way forward in the North African country.

Rasmussen said NATO operations in Libya would continue. However, he added that it was time to find a political solution to the crisis.

NATOs Responsibility to Protect: a lie that shows that people will believe anything if it emanates from an invested authority, has been blown out of the mediterranean waters!

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