Tripoli Calls For War Atrocities Inquiry

Editor’s Note:
Libya is fully within their rights to request such an investigation in light of the intense onslaught of lies and propaganda aimed at manufacturing support for war against a sovereign nation, which is in and of itself a crime according to International law.

Other crimes include the training, funding and support of covert operations and terrorism aimed at regime change within Libya and the issuance of orders to assassinate Gaddafi.

The US-CIA-UK-Saudi backed rebels have inflicted enormous damage to property and life in their efforts to carry out one of the most inept coup d’etats on record. Fraught with incompetence and infighting, their hired mercenaries/rebels have proven much too weak and witless to succeed.

Nonetheless, such an investigation must take place so that the truth about what has really been happening in Libya can finally be known. Gaddafi has nothing to fear from such an investigation.

If the full truth is revealed it will be the coup planners themselves who may face criminal charges. Frankly, such an action could only benefit the entire world and redeem the United Nations from its fallen state of utter disrepute.

I suspect this request was the pivotal issue that disabled the EU’s ability to arrive at a concensus on the imposition of the no fly zone over Libya.

They understand the illegitimacy of their position and know it is vulnerable because in addition to contravening International law, it is founded upon subterfuge and has been further compromised by a trail of traceable, documented, botched illegal covert operations.


Peter Spiegel.

The regime of Colonel Muammer Gaddafi has requested an international fact-finding team visit Libya to investigate alleged atrocities committed during the uprising, a move that could complicate the west’s effort to isolate the Libyan leader.

The request by a senior Libyan official came during a meeting on Sunday with a European Union representative in Tripoli in one of the first interactions with the regime since fighting broke out two weeks ago.